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It's All About Marketing Automation!

You may have heard of "Marketing Automation", what that really means is improving your existing sales process by taking advantage of and incorporating today's technology. Traditional sales & marketing strategies are no longer effective. The answer is to incorporate a few simple steps into your sales process, and you'll transform your business from just surviving to thriving.

It All Starts With A Lead Magnet!

In order to get new clients flowing into your business, you need to attract them with something of interest, and more specifically something of VALUE, that will help them solve an issue they may be faced with!

This 4 minute video explains How Lead Magnets Work, & gives you the Formula For A Successful Lead Magnet!

Capture Leads With A Landing Page!

Once you have your lead magnet ready, you can now offer it to prospects in exchange for their contact information!

This 2 minute video explains How Landing Pages Work, & the important role they play in Marketing Automation!

Using Facebook & Google Ads

There has never been the ability to access and target ideal prospects as effectively as is possible using Facebook & Google Ads!

This 2 minute video explains How Facebook & Google Ads Work, & why you Need to be Using Them!

Stay Top of Mind With Remarketing!

Sometimes prospects are in research mode when they first visit your site. Remarketing is what reminds prospects about you, and brings them back to your site to become new leads!

This 2 minute video explains How Remarketing Works, & why it’s So Effective!

  • Steve Osborne

    STEVE OSBORNEWebinar Presenter

    "Over the years, I've helped hundreds of clients transform their sales & marketing practices from traditional methods into the powerful world of online marketing. The Automated Marketing System that I'll be teaching about in this webinar was developed in 2008 and continues to evolve to stay ahead of the curve."

Marketing Automation Grid

Content Writing

Landing Page


Google Adwords PPC

Automated Client Stream Program


Facebook Ads PPC

Webinar Lead Magnet

Everything Works Together

In order for this type of marketing to work, you need to have all components working and integrated together. The reason this type of marketing is known as “Automated Marketing” is because it’s a system that once everything is in place it runs by itself. You can simply turn it on and off as needed. Unfortunately, however, it won’t work properly unless you have all the components in place. It’s a bit like a jigsaw puzzle, in that if you miss one piece or don’t set each piece up properly, it affects the whole system and will negatively impact the results.

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